22-Mar-16 Into To Scuba Condon - Anthony27-Mar-16 Scooter Caves Strum - Anthony29-Mar-16 Reef Dive / Scooter Snorkel Paul - Anthony10-Apr-16 Intro Dive Coe & Cashman - Anthony11-Apr-16 Scooter Dive Shaw - Anthony17-Apr-16 Intro To Scuba Lincoln - Anthony27-Apr-16 Intro To Scuba Deamiot - Anthony1-May-16 Azevedo & Stewart III - Anthony18-May-16 Intro To Scuba Badersultaan (Anthony)23-May-16 Scooter Snorkel Faye (Anthony)29-May-16 Scooter Dive Faye (Anthony)3-Jul-16 Intro To Scuba Thomason - (Anthony)4-Jul-16 Intro Dive Sweeney - (Anthony)6-Jul-16 Intro Dive Trpik, Collier, Habal - (Anthony & Jay)8-Jul-16 Intro to Scuba Lee- (Anthony)13-Jul-16 Intro To Scuba Burger - (Anthony)20-Jul-16 Parker, Brett Scuba Intro - (Anthony)26-Jul-16 Intro Dive Eiesland - (Anthony)1-Aug-16 Scooter Dive Esposito - (Anthony)1-Aug-16 Intro Dive Sheen Ro - (Anthony)3-Aug-16 Scooter Dive Haberkorn - (Anthony)6-Aug-16 Intro To Scuba Campbell - (Anthony)14-Aug-16 Reef Dive Schieweck15-Aug-16 Intro to Scuba Chichcarrillo - (Anthony)16-Aug-16 Mayes - (Anthony)22-Aug-16 Reef Dive + Bubble Blower Vora - (Anthony)28-Aug-16 Scooter Dive Caves PBZ (Anthony)8-31-16 Scooter Dive McLaughlin (Anthony)12-Sep-16 Intro Dive Woltman (Anthony)27-Sep-16 Intro Dive Sprinzen - Anthony2-Oct-16 Lava Scooter Dive Hines (Anthony)8-Nov-16 Stone - Anthony7-Dec-16 Scooter Dive Fahad - Anthony11-Dec-16 Ramirez Intro Dive - Anthony21-Dec-16 Intro Dive  Manzini - Anthony20-Dec-16 Intro Dive Schonfeld - Anthony20-Dec-16 Intro Dive Hirsh - Anthony21-Dec-16 Reef Dive Cahill - Anthony21-Dec-16 Intro Dive 1pm - Anthony24-Dec-16 Intro Dive Kruse - Anthony24-Dec-16 Intro Dive Roller - Anthony24-Dec-16 Aronin Scooter Dive - Anthony1-Jan-17 Intro Dive Mckiernon - Anthony4-Jan-17 Intro Dive Robinson - Anthony4-Jan-17 Cave Dive - Anthony4 -Jan-17 Intro Dive Lovazzoano & Lynch22-Feb-17 Gangolli Bubble Blower - Anthony23-Feb-17 Clayton Intro Dive - Anthony26-Feb-17 Intro Dive x4 - Anthony27-Feb-17 Intro Dive Daniel - Anthony13-Mar-17 Scuba Dive X4 - Anthony22-Mar-17 Intro Dive Hammoud - Anthony22-Mar-17 Reef dive Strum & White - Anthony Comp Photos